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Chania: place and the people

Chania Crete
Chania Crete

Chania and its inhabitants will fascinate you from the very first moment! Although Chania is a modern city, it strongly retains the Cretan folk tradition, the principle of hospitality, the hearty contact between people, their passion that is evident in almost everything. It seems that the beauty of the place and its people is what makes Chania unique!

Chania Crete

Setting off early with a stroll in the quaint alleys of the old town, passing by the traditional covered Market with the souvenir shops and the local products and ending at the Venetian port, you will find taverns and cafes.

If you go to one of these taverns, do not forget to taste fresh seafood, delicious tzatziki, good meat, traditional moussaka but also the fast-made, filling Greek gyros-souvlaki.

Chania Crete

While you enjoy your meal or your coffee, you will see horse-drawn carriage riding through, which will place you into a fairytale setting right away! If you wish, you can take a carriage-ride yourself!
In the evening, you can sip your wine admiring the lit-up lighthouse!

The people you meet, smiling, open-hearted, friendly and always ready to make you feel at home will remain etched in your memory forever! You will say your cheers with the locals and you will definitely be treated to tsikoudia, the traditional Cretan drink. Do not miss walking along the picturesque streets of the old town!

Chania Crete

Spend one of your mornings visiting the tombs of Venizelos. They are situated a few kilometers east of the city, on the road that leads to the airport. Apart from the historical significance of the place, since here is the burial place of the Greek politician and seven-time Prime Minister of Greece, Eleftherios Venizelos, and his son, it is also a site with a magnificent view of the city of Chania.

This wonderful view makes the tombs of Venizelos one of the main attractions of the city! Combine your visit there with a look-in at Koukouvaya shop and do not forget to taste the most delicious cheesecake in town!

Some other day, give yourself the chance to visit the quaint historical villages of Chania that retain the authentic Cretan character. Vamos, Platanias, the village of Therisos, Maleme, Omalos Plateau, Sfakia, Sougia and many other small villages will get you connected with the Cretan culture, the genuine local people and the Cretan mentality.

Vamos Chania Crete
Platanias Chania Crete
Therisos Chania Crete
Maleme Chania Crete
Omalos Plateau Chania Crete
Omalos Plateau
Sfakia Chania Crete
Sougia Chania Crete

Here, beauty meets tradition and you will surely enjoy the outcome! A variety of choices, the alternating landscapes, the never-ending Cretan warmth, the kindness, the hospitality, the Cretan flavors and the Cretan air! All these promise to make Chania a place you will definitely want to come back to!